St. Paul's United Church

United Church of Canada

10206 100 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada T8V 0V6

The United Church
of Canada/L'Église
Unie du Canada
St. Paul's building


If you have noticed someone missing from our congregation, please contact them by phone or visit them in person. You may be their “angel”

October and November are Progressive Supper months.
This event is where friends, family, acquaintances and those new to St. Paul’s can join together for a meal. And, what a meal! Agree on who will be in your group, what the date will be, what each person will prepare, and where you will progress. It can be from room to room in one house or building, or from home to home for each course of the meal. You decide based on who is in your group. The idea is to enjoy a wonderful meal together and get to know others better outside of church. If you have questions, ask me, James Proudfoot or Rev Gord or others who have taken part in the past. HAVE FUN!

St. Paul's BEEF DINNER will be held Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014. Please contact Martha Dawson, 780) 532-6675 or Carla at the church office, 780)532-2415 if you have potatoes, carrots, or turnips to donate. We can make arrangements to pick up or they can be left at the church closer to the date. Marge Riley will be contacting people for donations of pies, salads, buns etc and to fill the many tasks that need willing hands! Watch the bulletin for updates.

St. Joseph's Parish Refugee Committee is in immediate need of accommodation - one bedroom, basement, or bachelor suite for a refugee family of a single mother and 10 year old son from Iraq. Contact Martha at 780 532 6675 for further information or suggestions.

The Worship Committee is interested in offering an Alternative Worship service once a month. This would be a chance to experiment with different styles of worship. We would like to start these in January. If you have an idea of something you have always wanted to try, or to see in worship please join us to talk about the idea. All interested folk are asked to talk to Gord or to a member of the Worship Committee so we can set up a meeting.

St. Paul’s has had a Face book group for about 3 years now. But now we have a Facebook page as well! Groups are good for discussion but pages are a better way of using Facebook for publicity. Come and “Like” the page at

and feel free to join the group at

Fall Supper, Silent Auction and Craft Sale
During the Fall Supper we will be having a Craft Sale and Silent Auction. If you wish to donate an item or items for the sale please drop them off at the church office before November 16th.Suggestions for donations include baking in containers, preserves, woodworking, crochet, knitting, baby or small quilts, quilted projects, jewelry, or pottery. Plan to come to the Fall Supper on November16th ready to enjoy supper, bid and do some early Christmas Shopping. Funds raised will go to the daily operations of our church.
If you have any questions please call Linda Wagner 780-532-9759 or Sherry Alstad 780-568-4679.

The first Sunday of each month there is a second offering that is dedicated to local outreach. This month from October 2nd to 22nd we gave out 10 food/ gas vouchers for a total of $530.00 from our local outreach fund. Also consider bringing a non-perishable food denotation for our local food bank. Thank you for your continued support.

St. Paul’s is looking for a building host for Weddings and Funerals as well as other events being held in the church. Please contact Linda Wagner for further information

If you have a church key that you don’t use on a regular basis. Could you please hand it in to the church office, we are getting low on keys. Thank you!

Healing Touch Sessions – If you need an individual healing touch session, Please contact Carla at the church office to make an appointment.
Dates available are November 23.

Labyrinth Walks
Please join us for meditation
an inward journey on a sacred path..
October 26 @ 7pm
November 30 @ 7pm


Have you joined St. Paul’s Recyclable program yet?


St. Paul’s has embarked on an easy fund raiser to help with the Church renovations. All you need to do is bag up all your empty bottles, cans and milk jugs and put our church id # 1468-2415 visible on each bag and drop them off at the bottle depot on Resources Road.

If 10 people donate $10.00 worth of recyclables that will put $100.00 into St. Paul’s account! If 100 people donated $10.00 a month that will put $1000 into our account. It’s just that easy! Thank you for your support.